Would they accept me? Could I be myself and be honest about how lost I felt?

Prior to joining the church in January 2015, I longed for a deeper relationship with God. For me, I knew part of that journey would be to surround myself with new friends that strive for the same relationship. Would they accept me? Could I be myself and be honest about how lost I felt?

Group Life has definitely helped me move past my fears. I jumped in head first and trusted that God would lead me to the right people I needed in my life. I was still scared walking into my first day of small group, but I was immediately comforted as we began introducing ourselves.  My small group has helped me grow stronger in my relationship with God and I've been blessed with friends that will pray for me, support me, guide me, and love me without judgement.  They have even encouraged me to step out further and serve in different ministries at Crossroads.

Now, I have moved to co-hosting 2 growth groups, which is a new challenge in itself. I was nervous, as I am just starting to find my way again. What could I have to offer these women? What direction or guidance could I give?  I have realized that I don't need to have the answers. I just needed to facilitate an environment in which God is present and we can learn and grow together.  Group Life, serving in Kids Street, and singing with the worship team has helped me create a church family. I feel surrounded by great people and I am encouraged that my life will be forever changed. I am so thankful for each person I have met through Group Life.