What does it mean to be #ForYou?

Too many times, the church is known by what their are against. At Crossroads, we want to be known by what and WHO we're for. We are for the restoration of Toledo, Sylvania, and all of the communities around us. We are for kids and students. We are for families. We are for single people. We’re for young people and older people. We are for broken people. We are for changed hearts.


So how can I get involved?

Being #ForYou is a way of life. It's about making tiny conscious efforts every day to change the world around you. A simple way to show someone you are for them is by paying it forward. Pay for someones coffee or lunch, without any expectations. Help your neighbor, encourage a co-worker, get involved with a local school, or share kindness & positivity on social media.  

How will this change our communities? Our church? The people around us? There is only one way to find out how far this will go. Let’s get started and be #ForYou wherever we find ourselves.

*See below for Fall 2018 #ForYou events!

#ForYou Merchandise

#ForYou is more than a movement, it's more than a brand, it is a mission - a mission of telling people that the Crossroads community is FOR them, and that there is a God that is for them too. Help us spread the movement with #ForYou swag. T-Shirts, Popsockets, Wristbands, and Bumper Stickers (free) are available for purchase on Sunday's at our Guest Services desk.

#ForYou Digital Wallpapers

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