internship positions

Internships are available in most ministry areas. The following internship descriptions include the roles and responsibilities that one could expect to do in a specific ministry. Descriptions are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather are general explanations of what an intern could expect in each area of ministry.


  • Children’s Ministry (Kids Street): An intern can generally expect to assist with weekend preparation tasks, participate in the curriculum development process, have the opportunity to be a coach or a team leader in an area of ministry, and propose a project of interest to oversee and run.
  • Student Ministry (Velocity): An intern can generally expect to oversee weekly summer programming (e.g., Weekly meetings/events in August, other events throughout the summer), communicate with students, parents, and volunteers; attend bi- weekly student ministry team meetings and also weekly meetings for special events (e.g., depends on the year, mission trip, FMYC Colorado, local missions trip). Also will work on building a team of volunteers and making sure roles are filled for the Fall.
  • Group Life Ministry (Small Groups): An intern can generally expect to assist the Small Groups Pastor and be focused on, but not limited to the following areas: Helping people get connected to Growth Groups, assisting staff with group leader training, assisting with special projects, events, and Next Step Classes.
  • Creative Arts (Production): An intern can generally expect to attend practices and learn to lead a band and production crew under the supervision of the Creative Arts Pastor. Hands-on experience in weekend and special event production, including lighting, sound, live video, and stage. Participate in the creative system of programming Weekend Services.
  • Worship Arts (Band): An intern can generally expect to attend practices and learn to lead a band under the supervision of the Worship Director. Spend time honing their craft of worship leading within the context of weekly ministry. Help schedule and communicate with the worship team and help chart music. Participate in the creative system of programming for Weekend Services.
  • Marketing and Communications: An intern can generally expect to work in a high demand, high output communications environment under the supervision of the Director of Marketing & Communications. Participants will gain experience in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Candidates must be creative and have some experience in either graphic design, social media, and/or marketing. Interns will also work with our website and web design.
  • Finance: An intern in the finance department works behind the scenes assisting the Pastor of Finance in operations of Crossroads. You can generally expect to work on projects and tasks that will be determined based on the specific skills of the intern and the business operations needs at the time of the internship. This position is valuable for someone pursuing any type of business degree, but especially those majoring in Accounting or Finance. The intern must enjoy taking initiative and working in the office a majority of the time.
  • Missions (International/Local): An intern in the International Outreach department will learn how to plan, organize, train, and run international mission trips to other countries.  They will learn all the behind the scenes systems to raising money and accounting for the money raised, researching and selecting the air transportation, and collecting, organizing and packing all donated items that accompany the team on their trip.  International interns will also be exposed and participate in working with our local outreach ministry in many hands on activities and behind the scenes work that are necessary to run a local outreach program in our community.
  • Congregational Care: An intern can expect to attend and participate in a Stephen Ministry class, and/or supervision group. They will learn how to offer confidential, distinctively Christian Care-giving (Christ caring for people, through people) to those who are hurting, and be able to give and receive support and encouragement from peers. They will have the opportunity to participate in visiting and praying with/for the sick and infirmed in a hospital or home setting. They will learn to listen, show compassion, pray appropriately for those in need, and how to plan and coordinate a funeral/memorial.
  • Office Management: An intern will have the opportunity to experience various administrative roles such as database management in relation to people records, attendance, facility use, and facility scheduling. They will also experience in how to reconcile orders to specific budget accounts. Interns can also expect to be introduced to managing church groups, classes, registrations, and event payments. Lastly, interns would learn how to use various office machines and technology necessary to do the daily operations of the church.
  • Assimilation/Hospitality:  Interns will have the opportunity to promote our mission of providing the most radically hospitable 7 minutes for everyone that attends Crossroads. You will gain experience in each hospitality position including: Leading the team during a Sunday service as an Hour Captain. You will have the opportunity to invest and invite new people to join the team and follow them through shadowing the position to coming on board, and continue to equip and empower them in their role.
  • Family Ministries: An intern can expect to participate in helping lead and develop the C6 Conference (Family Ministries Training event). Participating in and contributing to the bi-weekly family ministries meetings. Help coordinate and implement some of the Family Ministries Milestones. Family Ministry interns are primarily focused on working families and implementing catalysts to aid families in becoming passionate followers of Jesus.