Christmas Eve
4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm
& 11:00pm Carols and Candles

Preschool childcare at 4 & 6

I would like to volunteer on Christmas Eve

We’ve all heard the standard line: “Christmas is too busy, too commercial. So slow down and savor the moment, remember that the season is about family, traditions, and the baby in the manger.” - - - And it is!

But repetition has dulled our minds to the truth...
There was nothing warm & fuzzy about that first Christmas. This was no ordinary birth. The deeper you travel into the story of Christmas, the more twisted it seems. A shady lineage, a virgin birth, some crazy guests to honor a baby king in a barn. And the most twisted concept of all: if the story is to be believed the baby Jesus was nothing less than God Himself come to earth in human form.

This Christmas, take another look with new eyes: this is God’s crazy twisted plan to save the world. 


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