Our Group structure is built around the following VALUES:

1.  Groups help people move from the outside-in at Crossroads
2.  Groups provide opportunities for people to build friendships
3.  Groups aim to have 10-18 people, but some are larger
4.  We are a church OF small groups, not a church WITH small groups
5.  We make it easy for people to join a Group
6.  Typically groups happen on a 10-12 week "Semester" basis
     (Oct through Dec - Feb through March - June through August) 
7.  We set aside three months a year for Group sign-ups
     (Sept, Jan & May)
8.  We look for Group Hosts who love God, love people, and are able to facilitate discussion. 
     We are not looking for experts.
9.  We trust God with our Group Hosts, and our Group Hosts with the people in their groups
10. We think leader multiplication, not group multiplication