S.H.A.P.E. inventory tool

God has been intentionally creating your life since before you were born. Your history, your character, your experiences, your interests and your gifts merge to make you perfectly designed for doing God’s work today. 

You were designed to make a difference in your circles of influence in our world. In your home, in your neighborhood, and in your workplace or school, God invites you to partner with Him in being the very presence of Christ. You were truly made “for such a time as this.” 

The SHAPE inventory is a tool to help you discover how your unique makeup can be best utilized to make a difference in your world. This self-inventory is designed in 5 stages, each relating to the letters in the acrostic SHAPE:

Spiritual Gifts • Heart • Abilities • Personality •  Experience


Five aspects of your life and experience have shaped you for effective service: 

  • Spiritual Gifts: The abilities God has given you to do His work
  • Heart: Your interests and passions 
  • Abilities: Natural skills and talents that you have acquired
  • Personality: The unique DNA of your personality
  • Experience: Your life story, including family, challenges and successes