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Board of Elders

Nominate An Elder

Elder Nomination Qualifications

Though no nominee will meet all the qualifications listed below, each should be a mature, growing Christian, who is characterized by many of the ‘markers’ called for in 1 Timothy 3:1-7; 8-13 and Titus 1:6-9.

Personal Qualities:

Above reproach (life cannot be spoken against re: improper behavior).

Temperate (free from bondage to self or desires of the flesh).

Respectable (orderly life that demonstrates good behavior).

Not given to drunkenness (not a heavy drinker).

Not quarrelsome or argumentative.

Not overbearing, stubbornly seeking one’s own way.

Gentle (characterized by tenderness).

Free from the love of money.

Loves what is good (desires what is truthful and honorable).

Not a recent convert (or new in the faith).

Self-controlled (not making quick/superficial decisions based onimmature thinking).

Holy (separating from sin and patterns of sin).

Strong and steadfast belief in the trustworthy message (The Word).

Interpersonal Qualities:

A good reputation with those outside the church. Unbelievers must respect their character and integrity.

Hospitable (unselfish and willing to share material blessings with others).

Able to teach (communicate the Word of God in a non-argumentative manner, not necessarily referring to the gift of teaching).

Not violent (not given to physical or verbal violence or abuse).

Upright (fair and impartial).
Family Qualities:

Monogamous (a one-woman-man or a one-man-woman; singles are to be morally upright regarding opposite gender relationships).

Managing the family well (having respect of family).

After prayerful consideration I would like to nominate...

If you would like to nominate more than one person, please submit a separate form for each individual. Thanks!

Elder Nomination Form