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Our goal is to become a catalyst in the life of your family. A catalyst for families to become For You, For Jesus, and For a Better Life.

Crossroads Family Ministries team has identified what we call "the big six." Six major catalysts that we believe will encourage spiritual growth in the life of a child. We strive to help activate these catalysts in the lives of each and every family at Crossroads.

The Big 6

1. Partnering with Parents

Parents are the number #1 influence in the life of a child. We believe the best thing we can do for your child is to start something amazing in their life, and then cue you up with the necessary tools to take over from there. We call this parenting with parents.

2. Truth

While all of the Bible and biblical truths are important, we believe that there are times where certain truths are more applicable and relevant than others. Depending on the age of your child, we have selected key truths that we want to teach consistently. Our goal is for your child to understand the truths and live them out by the time they move onto the next phase. We call this Life Relevant Biblical Truth.

3.  H.A.B.I.T.S.

We know that the church plays a key role in so many things throughout life. We believe to have the best spiritual health, you should form habits that you can take with you wherever you go.

  • H - Hang Time with God
  • A - Accountability with Another Believer
  • B - Bible Memorization
  • I - Involvement with the Church
  • T - Tithing Commitment
  • S - Study Scripture


The second most influential person in a child's life after their parents, is another adult. We want to make sure the environment at Crossroads allows for kids to have 5 adult mentors to be there for them from cradle to college. Ideally, kids should have the same small group leaders for 3-year increments, allowing for time to foster these relationships. We call this Relationships Over Time.


We want to help kids discover their unique God-given gifts and teach them how to apply them within the church and community, giving them every opportunity to navigate and grow in their gifts. We call this Discovering their Shape.


(Child Dedication – Graduation) We believe there are 5 Key Milestones in the life of the child and the church.  These significant life events can either help kids grow closer to God or further from Him. We want to celebrate all 5 of these milestones with your family and also equip you and your kids to succeed through them. Milestones are things like Child Dedication, transitioning to kindergarten, starting Jr. High/High School, and Graduation.


Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers

Children will begin to grow and develop the idea of a God who is bigger than their imagination – through interactive learning, creative and imaginative storytelling, singing, and dancing.
Sundays at 10am


Elementary Kids

Kids will begin to develop an idea of who Jesus was and what a relationship with Him looks. They will experience interactive learning, creative and imaginative storytelling, singing and dancing.
Sundays at 10am


Junior & Senior High

Velocity Student Ministry exists so that your high school and middle school students will be awakened to who God is, develop meaningful friendships, discover God's design within them, and give them the opportunity to impact the world.
Wednesdays at 6pm